EPRDF begins 9th Organizational Assembly in Bahirdar

The 9th Organizational Assembly of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) Council has begun on Saturday in Bahirdar Town, Amhara State.
EPRDF Chairperson and Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said on the occasion that EPRDF renews its promise to the public to strive towards development and strive towards success of the development plans including the Growth and Transformation Plan. Hailemariam said the Assembly is expected to pass decisions and put directives for success of the path towards renaissance of the country.

He said EPRDF has been working to bring change in economic structure towards development of the country and in this regard priority is given in particular to the agriculture sector. Hailemariam said activities in the infrastructure development sector including railway, energy and telecom service as well as irrigation development, among others, are encouraging.
The Chairperson said performance in the education and health sectors, which are the main issues in the MDGs, is registering good results. EPRDF has also given priority to maintaining good governance and curbing rent-seeking mentality, he said. Representatives of 13 different parties of foreign countries are taking part in the event.

Source: ENA

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