Amharic courses to be offered in Beijing Foreign Studies University

In a ceremony held in Beijing, the Addis Ababa University (AAU) signed a framework agreement for cooperation with the Beijing Foreign Studies University of China (BFSU) on Tuesday, March 12.
The two Universities reached an agreement to collaborate in offering Amharic as a foreign language in BFSU. The Amharic program is scheduled to begin in September 2013. The delegation held detailed discussions with the President of BFSU Mr. Han Zhen, Chairman of the University Council Mr. Yang Xueyi, Vice President Peng Long and relevant departments in the University.

The decision taken by BFSU to offer Amharic courses was highlighted as an important historical event in the people to people relations between the two countries. Amharic will be taught in China for the first time.
The President of AAU also noted that the University has upgraded its Chinese Language training program to bachelor’s degree level. The possibilities of exchanging staff, short to medium term student and learning materials exchanges were among the issues discussed.

The visiting delegation led by Dr.Admasu Tsegaye, President of AAU included Dr.Taye Regassa, the Dean of College of Humanities, Language Studies, Literature and Folklore; Dr.Kassahun Berhanu, Chairperson of the Department of Political Science and International Relations; Ato.Dereje Gebre, Head of the Amharic Department and Ato. Yonas Adaye, Lecturer at the Institute of Peace and Security Studies.
The visit came as a follow up of a visit by a delegation from the Beijing Foreign Studies University to Addis Ababa last year during which it had separate meetings with the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry and the President of Addis Ababa University. During that visit a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the Civil Service University of Ethiopia. (Source: Ethiopian Embassy in China)

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